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In my podcast, 21st Century Hannah, I discuss the wide range of issues faced by childless not by choice women and men around the world. Some of my episodes are monologues, and some are interviews. Listen, subscribe, and tell a friend.

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Reviews are like gold nuggets to any artist. And authors are no exception! Visit my review page, take a moment to read the reviews of other readers. Then take a moment to post your own review! You will notice reviews for both books are mixed in together. So post a review on one or both books! I truly appreciate your taking a moment to share with me, and with the world.

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Visit the Excerpts page for more information on each of my books, ’21st Century Hannah 31 Days of Encouragement, or ‘Down Again’. Remember, there are more books coming! I am currently working on a 365-day devotional, and I am also working on a book about my journey through the world of childlessness not by choice. Stop by, and thanks!

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Thank you for visiting! I hope you will stay a while and explore. Each page is filled with words of encouragement. If you are a woman who is childless not by choice, or the family member of a woman childless not by choice, check out the excerpts from my book ’21st Century Hannah 31 Days of Encouragement’.Maybe you are a Christian who has fallen and would like to know how to get back into relationship with Christ, or you would like to know the steps to becoming a Christian. Read an excerpt from my book ‘Down Again”.

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My regular podcasts are filled with words of encouragement for the woman childless not by choice.  Of course there are many other ways for you to keep in touch with me between my speaking engagements and other events. Subscribe to my motivational emails, stay connected with me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Blab.  Join my Facebook Groups and share your insights advice and support with other women. Feel free to order a copy of one or both of my books! I hope you will feel encouraged, until we meet again!

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