Civilla Morgan

Civilla Morgan

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I have been in love with words and with books from the time I learned to read. As a very young child I would read under the blanket with a flashlight long after lights out were called.  In my early teens I started writing poetry and as I grew started writing short stories and my thoughts on pop culture of the time.
One of my most memorable compositions was called “What Do You Want”, in which I asked what we as human beings want out of life and what changes we were willing to make to get what we wanted. Sprinkled among all of of my writings were my journals.  Then I wrote a book—Down Again. It was an exciting time for me and I felt a sense of accomplishment when it was finally finished.
More books started whirling around in my mind and heart.  ‘Sometimes I feel like these books are a part of me, like a child is a part of his parents’. ‘The books are calling out to me with a sense of urgency like a family member or friend calls out from another room.  These days I am working on a new project, the reason I believe I was put on this earth. For such a time as this.  I am working on ‘21st Century Hannah’ which I plan to produce as a three-book series.
First in the series is ‘21st Century Hannah 31 Days of Encouragement. Second in the series will be ‘21st Century Hannah 365 Days of Encouragement’, and the final book in the series will be ‘21st Century Hannah, My Journey’.  The first part of the series was released in May 2015, to be sold directly through my website.  I am currently working on the second series and hopes to release it by the end of 2015.
I believe my mission is to help women who are childless not by choice, to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I want to show that even through the pain of childlessness, ‘we can still live a joyful and relevant life.
I currently live just outside of Orlando, FL.  I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, baking, and traveling.   I have visited many Caribbean Islands, Central America, and Europe.  I have a financial services background and enjoy discussing market strategies.   I also enjoy and I’m very excited about my ever growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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