Just like many of us fight the seemingly uphill battle to remain physically fit, we must fight to remain financially fit.  I have spoken on this subject before and I will speak on it in the future not only because part of the title of my blog is ‘finance’, but because financial fitness is important. 
Financial fitness does not mean we have to be filthy rich or even strive to be filthy rich. If it happens though, so much the better.  Financial fitness means that we have something saved for a rainy day. It means we  at least have something saved for an emergency.  Many of us have heard that we should have three to six months of reserve in case we lose our jobs. I believe we should work towards this goal, but the reality is many people are still suffering from job loss, lost homes, ruined credit, and the feeling that they will never make it back from financial ruin.     
The fact is though, many people have come back from financial ruin.  Many of the wealthy, well-to-do people we hear about or watch on television or read about in the news, have lost everything and made it back.  Want some names? Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Michael Jackson, to name a few.
What will be your legacy?  Will you start over? Will you try again?  These people did.
Financial fitness is not rocket science, just like exercise is not rocket science.  In exercise you have choices: join a gym, pay monthly or annual fees, and work out before or after work.  Hey, you can even work out during your lunch time. You may choose not to join a gym and do your own thing.  I walk 30 minutes, three times per week. Oh I’m not talking about leisurely walks in the park, I’m talking sweat drenched, fancy sneaker-wearing, bug spray from head to toe because I live in Florida types of walks.  Whatever it takes to keep the weight off.
Just so in financial fitness. You should save a portion of your paycheck, whether its $5.00 or 5%.  There really are no excuses.  You do not need to worry about financial charts, quantitative easing, or portfolio diversification.  Don’t use that as an excuse. You can save whether you work at a burger joint or whether you manage a Fortune 500 company.  That’s the great thing about America: it’s really up to you, no excuses.  I know, some people are born in the negative, products of a bad start because of where they live or the circumstances under which they were born.  It doesn’t matter, choose.  Choose to be financially fit.  Just like exercise, it will pay off in the long run.


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