What are you doing?

I am often asked if I have more books coming and the fact is, I have several book projects in the pipeline but they are on hold, except one.  Funny though, the one I have brought to the forefront is proving to be difficult to write. Granted I am trying to write it while working full time and heading back to school to obtain a graduate degree.  My first book took just under a year to write and it was written under much easier circumstances.  I kept a schedule of writing four hours per day until the book was written, and then I put it down for a few years. The manuscript sat gathering dust because I was not ready to publish.  “Down Again” was finally published and is available on Amazon.com or via my website at www.civillamorgan.com.   
The book I’m writing now is all over the place, or as I like to say, discombobulated.  I am working on several chapters at a time, there are  peices of chapters here and there, I can’t seem to get it together.  However, it’s a book I need to write because it will help a portion of society that goes largely ignored and misunderstood.  As we all know, most people tend to ignore what they do not understand, hoping if they look in the opposite direction the issue or problem would just go away.  Some of us however, are not afraid to walk down the road less taken.  We are not afraid to stand up for people who cannot stand up for themselves, or defend the people who are too broken to defend themselves.  We defend even when we are made fun of, ridiculed, and cursed.  I would even dare to say people like us are fearless. Hey, there’s only one life to live, why live it on the fence? I’ve heard that ‘if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything’–Unknown.  I don’t plan on falling for anything.
So yes, I am at this moment working on a book. Even when I am not working on it, I’m working on it.  It’s always on my mind: morning, noon, and night.  I believe it will be until it’s finished.  That’s ok, I am up to the task. 
What are you working on? What should you be working on? Life is short, no one should have to prompt you to do what you know you should be doing.         


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