I’m working on my next book, my 365-day devotional;
and every day I remind myself how easy I thought the process would be. I
thought it would be different than writing a book, for some strange reason. But
it is not. I have decided to stick to my self-imposed schedule, but I have also
decided, as is always the case, to make sure I have beautiful well-thought out
content.  I really want the women who
purchase this book to find deep solace in its pages. There will be some great
additions, inserts, and interaction. I am so excited!
I will not beat myself up if it is not ready by my
initial deadline, but I plan to have it finished as soon as possible.
To get you ready for ‘21st Century Hannah
365 Days of Praise’, here is a rough draft sampler of one of my ‘days’.  The day can change, so I will not mention
which day this is: 

‘Favorites. Do you
ever wonder if God has favorites? Do you ever notice how some people seem to profoundly
mess up, but God blesses them anyway? You find yourself talking to God, telling
him how you just wanted one thing your entire life, but he said no. In fact, as
in my case, he seemed to block every possible way that my prayer could have
been answered! Yet others are blessed over and over, and some of them
apparently oblivious. Well, let me remind you that the comparison game creates
a slippery slope that can take you to bitterness and sadness. Don’t go there!
Concentrate on you, your life, your relationship with Christ; and with others.  Make sure you are where you are supposed to
be physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This is one of the few times in
life when it is about you’.  ©     
Remember, this is a rough draft, I may make some changes in
the final draft. 

Please also remember that this is copyrighted

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