I love to sing.  My family loves music.  My mother sang soprano and tenor in the church choir for many years.  My maternal grandfather played banjo so well he was in several competitions.  Although he has gone to Heaven, I can still hear his music in my head.  Most of my uncles, my brother, my oldest nephew, and one or two of my aunts, play guitar.  Music, singing, runs in our veins.   

I love art.  I could spend a whole week in any museum.  To me, art represents the history, another thing I love, of the people whose drawings, prints, pottery, and clothing I am viewing.  I love history because I love to hear where people came from, what their family name means, how they arrived at today.  I love to hear the elderly talk about their lives, there is so much wisdom and so much to learn from their experiences.

My element however, is writing.  I have been writing since age 11.  When I write I get lost in time and in the subject on which I am writing.  As I sit here writing this blog, I have two articles and a school paper, all with deadlines on which I am working; not to mention the two books I have been asking God to provide the time for me to work on.  Most people would find the thought of all of this writing overwhelming.  But the fact is when you are in your element, what others may find difficult you will find easy.   

What is your element?  Are you doing it or are you making excuses?  Your element may not make you money, at least not in the beginning.  I would venture to say it is something you can do outside of work.  So no, you do not have to give up your job to ‘do’ your element.  

Another way to view element is to see it as the reason you are on this earth.  Many of us work day jobs but there is this one thing we love to do, not a hobby, but our element; that not only helps us but helps others.  Your element could be that of being a good parent, a tutor, assisting special needs people, etc.  If you do not know what your element is, ask God to tell you.  I promise when you realize your element and start working on it, you will realize a new sense of fulfillment.  You will realize your reason for being here.

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