10) No matter
your income, broke is a state of mind. 
you make $5.00 per hour or $5000.00 per hour, handle your money, do not allow
your money to handle you.
9)   Give. Be generous with your time and your finances.  Whether you teach a Sunday school class,
give to your local little league, or contribute to your local soup kitchen, be
generous. “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many
days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1.
8)   Save. 
No matter how much or how little you make, save something. There is
no excuse for not saving.  The reason
most people cannot save is because they are too busy trying to keep up with the Jones’s.  There are so many discount
stores around these days, anyone can look like a million bucks for less!
7)  Bless someone.  If you feel lead to give something to
someone, or even pay for their meal, do it. 
It does not matter how much you think they are worth.  Indeed, it does not matter if they are a
multi-millionaire and you are not. See the scripture above in number nine. Of
course, make sure your ‘blessing’ is done from the right place in your
heart.  If you are doing it out of guilt
or pride it will not work out.
6) Don’t hate.  Just as I mentioned above in number seven, it
does not matter how much a person has or how much you think they have, offer.  It can be done without insulting them, it is
a matter of being nice. Allow them the choice to accept or not.
5) Learn from
your financial mistakes. 
has made financial mistakes.  The key is
to learn from those mistakes, and not repeat them. It may be tempting to repeat
something expecting a different outcome, but trust me, the outcome will be the
4) Ask for
Most employers offer
retirement savings plans as part of an employee’s compensation package.  With the retirement savings plan, typically a
401k or 403b; the company your employer hires to manage your 401k offers free
assistance.  They can help you choose
what mutual fund(s) to invest your 401k or 403b contributions.  The tools are there, do your research and be
ready for retirement.   The government is
not going to help you get ready for retirement.
3) Pay
attention to the world around you. 
matter how you feel about it, we live in a global village.  Everyone is affected by everyone else.  Know what is going on in the world around
you.  You do not have to be a
professional financial person, news hound, or fluent in multiple
languages.  Just be aware.
2) Know your
financial weaknesses. 
And act
accordingly. Make a grocery list so that you do not spend double what you
wanted to. Go clothes shopping at your planned time.  Some people buy clothes twice a year.  Or maybe you are shopping for a special
occasion.  If not, stay out of the stores
if you do not have the will power to ‘just browse’.

1) Know how to wait or to live without.  Stop using your credit card for your
wants, and recognize the difference between wants and needs.  If you do not take control of your finances,
you are only sabotaging yourself and your future.  “I know what it is to be in need, and I know
what it is to have plenty.  I have
learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well
fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” Philippians 4:12.  When God sees you doing your best with your
finances, he will trust you with more.  Leave
the Jones’s alone!  

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