Just when things seemed to be turning around for the markets, at least here in the U.S., the Dow–Dow Jones Industrials dropped sharply and closed down over 200 points a few days before this article was written.  Depending on where and how your money is invested, you felt the down turn directly, or indirectly.  In some cases, again due to in what you are invested, you may not have felt the down turn at all.  To keep it simple and to make my point fo this post however, I will talk to those who felt the down turn.  What do you do when you take such a sharp hit?  Most people believe you hang on for the ride just like in past times when the Dow, and just about any other of the averages, have tanked and then turned around.  That’s what the markets do, they go up and they go down;  but when you average things out over a number of years, you would have ended up making money on your investments.  Patience and research are the key.  And of course if you don’t know what you are doing, talk to someone who does, a professional.
Why am I saying all of this? Because no matter how much we have or do not have, life will go on.  If we do not die first, we will all age.  Are you ready to age?  Are you ready to retire? Have you been wondering what Medicare and Social Security will look like by the time you retire?  I think everyone should give some serious thought to these questions.  In the meantime, I strongly suggest that everyone take part somehow, in what your financial picture will look like.  How do you do this? By taking part in your company’s 401k or 403b plan; or whatever type of retirement plan your employer, uh, employs.  If your company does not offer any of these things, start your own savings plan.  If you are not the saving type, have your bank help you by putting your money in an account where it’s not so easy to touch that money. 
I am simply suggesting that you do something to positively affect your financial future, now.  Don’t wait and don’t hope that everything will be OK.  I have mentioned in previous articles that it does not matter how much you make, you can get your finances in order and you can save something, even if it’s just five dollars per pay check.  Whether you are making minimum wage or you are a company CEO, take part in your future.  You will be glad you did it. 

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